My day would be incomplete without you.


Green smoothies. I am totally addicted. It can only describe why i was over the moon when My Love got me an awesome Vitamix for my birthday. After coming back from a women’s surfing and yoga retreat, i missed the nutritious and delicious meals that we had served everyday. This smoothie kind of reminds me of my heavenly Bali escape and i look forward to making one each morning.

This smoothie is a pretty good example of what i have each morning, except i will often change the greens and fruits around. The overall portion is generally 40 per cent fruit and 60 per cent vegetables/leafy greens.

Green Smoothie:

4 or 5 Kale leaves

1 to 2 cups of Baby Spinach

1 Orange

2 cupes of Papaya

4 large Strawberries

1 tbs Goji berries

1 tbs soaked Chia seeds

1 cup of Almond milk

1/2 cup of filtered water

1 large frozen Banana

1 tsp Spirulina

1 tsp Maca powder.

It seems like a pretty extensive list, but since i have started making these, about 8 months ago, it’s much easier as my shelves and pantry is now stocked with all of the good stuff. It took a few months to slowly empty out my old pantry and shelves (without throwing things out, because that would just be a silly waste) and start replacing with wholefoods, organic produce and fresh local fruits and vegetables each time i went grocery food shopping. I try to shop local and avoid the big two like the plague, and although it can sometimes cost $15 or $20 more at the end of my shop, i’d rather spend my money to support local producers and local business.

Below are some cool places to get your fruit and veg if your on the Central Coast.

George’s Fruit Barn, Terrigal

Erina Organics

Harris Farm (if i am unfortunate enough to find myself at Erina Fair, i usually get fresh fruit and vegetables at this place)

Entrance Farmers Markets

Avoca Farmers Markets