Spiced Rice Paper Rolls


This evening we enjoyed rice paper rolls. My Love really enjoys eating these (usually with tuna or prawns), so i was a little bit nervous to see if he liked this version. They were devoured. These rice paper rolls were filled with vermicelli noodles, a strip of cucumber and spiced tofu and served with dipping cups of soy sauce, tamari and sweet chilli sauce. They were served with a big bowl of zesty salad and some left over roasted pumpkin from last nights dinner.

I have not been much of a fan of tofu and it used to make me sad. My attempts at using tofu at home had always been flavourless and boring. What was missing? A shit load of spices, condiments and himalayan salt. I have been googling scrambled tofu recipes and the overall consensus is to use lots of different spices, and don’t be afraid of being on the heavy handed side. After last nights result, i am happy to buy tofu now knowing that it won’t sit in my fridge until well past the used by date.

Spiced Tofu

Half of one diced red onion

1 clove of diced garlic

1 packet of tofu (crumbled using a fork)

1 tbs of fresh grated or finely diced ginger

2 tbs olive oil

3 tbs soy sauce (i probably used a bit more, so i would say that this is to your preferred taste)

2 tbs tamari sauce (same as above)

2 tbs ground cumin

2 tbs smoked paprika

1 tbs tumeric

1 tbs chilli

salt (to your taste)

** Adjust the spice level to your tastebuds, i like to use a little bit more cumin, smoked paprika and chilli.

Start by heating the pan on a medium heat. Add the olive oil and then add the diced onion and garlic for about 4 -5 minutes until softened. Add the ginger and stir around for about a minute. Add the spices and salt and stir around until really fragrant, this takes another 5 – 8 minutes. Turn the heat down if it is burning or too hot, we just want to cook the spices to release their flavours. Now add the crumbled tofu, coat it in the spice mixture and then add the soy sauce and tamari sauce. Stir around and let sit for a minute and then remove from heat. If you overcook the tofu it won’t be soft and velvety, rather it will turn hard and grainy.

Allow to cool before you start wrapping into the rice paper rolls. Just follow the instructions on the packet to cook the vermicelli noodles and rice paper wraps.

Serve with condiments of your liking, i prefer soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce.