I was skeptical about vegan cheese. How could it taste or even melt like real cheese? Why am i bothering with eating fake cheese, doesn’t this go against the idea of eating clean and avoiding processed foods? Yes it does. But we were making pizza and i wanted pizza. We stoked up our wood fired pizza oven and put in a couple of pizza’s, one of them was vegan with my faux mozarella cheese and the other was a vegetarian pizza with cow’s milk cheese. I honestly thought that my pizza eating days were over, but i was wrong. This vegan cheese was freaking awesome, it melted like real cheese and gave a nice cheesy texture to the pizza. If i didn’t know that it was vegan cheese, i would have thought that it was like a ‘light’ version of mozarella cheese. I will be buying it again.
(I did try the cheese prior to it being all melted and delicious on the pizza, and i can not lie….it tasted like shit. Please melt or grill faux cheese to get the most satisfying bite out of it.)Image

Vegan Pizza.

1 flat bread (greek wrap or mountain bread)

Tomato paste

Char grilled capsicum (It’s easy to do this, just cut the capsicum into four flat pieces and place under a medium high grill until the skin starts to blacken. Remove from the grill and place into a bowl and cover with a bowl or glad wrap for about 5 – 10 minutes. Then rub/peel the skin off and slice into slithers. You could also do what we did and buy a jar of char grilled capsicum.)

Kalamata olives sliced with precision or roughly chopped, which can make it look like anchovies on your pizza (we prefer our olives whole and deseed them ourselves, they are much tastier this way)



Chopped up pineapple rings (canned always seems to work better when making a pizza)

As much or as little vegan mozarella cheese as you want.

This pizza was light and filling. I ate all of it sitting on the couch.