Cherry Crumble.

When i first read the recipe i was salivating. I think that when i read the word cherry i started salivating. Yes, it’s the middle of winter here in Australia, so these cherries are imports from the USA. I soaked them in a solution of warm water and bicarb soda and gave them a scrub as they are not organic and i could not specify if they were GMO free either. I usually don’t buy fruits that are out of season or imported as we have awesome homegrown fruit and vegetables here in Australia, but local cherries simply don’t exist at this time of the year. I could wait until summer and make this recipe, but i want cherry crumble now. I’m glad i made this now as there are a couple of alterations i’d make, the first is that i would probably add the juice of one lime to the jam just to give it a nice tang and bring out the sweetness of the cherries. The second alteration is that i might add some shredded coconut or dessicated coconut to the base. The recipe is from a blog that i could spend all day bookmarking.