Vegetable Gyoza.


This dinner was my lazy dinner. Ironic, as it actually took me about half an hour. I am posting this because i found these awesome vegetable gyoza from my local asian supermarket. These little morsels are just savoury, crunchy, mushy…they were shallow fried and steamed as per the packet instructions. We enjoyed the gyoza with some Chinese style braised tofu and steaming hot rice and plenty of soy sauce and crispy vegetables.

I love this Asian Supermarket, it has loads of cool vegetarian sauces and frozen vegetarian junk food items like faux chicken nuggets, faux satay sticks, the vegetable gyoza that i mentioned above, several sriracha sauces, fresh young coconut and a wide variety of tapioca pearls.

Location:Shop 3 Erina Mall 
216 Central Coast Hwy, Erina 2250 
Ph: 02 4365 6268 Fax:02 4365 6887