Chocolate Truffles.

These little balls pack some pow. Some of my friends have likened it to the bitter and intense slap in the face that you get from smoking Indonesian cigarette’s or from drinking a straight black coffee. For myself, the first mouthful is always a little bitey and a bit bitter….but once it’s melting in your mouth you start to appreciate the bold and rich flavour. Not for the faint hearted chocolate lover.

This little recipe pushed me further over the line. Raw foodists are on to something. These raw chocolate truffles are amazing. I try to make them (or any combination of chocolate bliss balls) on Sunday evening’s to set up our fridge with some rich chocolatey treats for the week. They usually last up until Wednesday. You can be justified in feeling healthy for munching on these chocolate truffles, especially because they are full of antioxidents from the raw chocolate, and cinnamon is known to help regulate blood sugar levels and coconut butter is just the bomb for overall health. Just make sure to keep these balls cold because they will melt. Which won’t affect the taste AT ALL, it will just make it a bit odd trying to eat them.




3 pitted dates

60ml of filtered water

6tbs of raw cacao powder (Loving Earth brand is what i use)

5tbs of coconut oil/butter (Loving Earth)

1/8 tsp of cinnamon (more or less depending on your tastebuds)

1tsp of vanilla essence


Raw cacao powder

Chilli powder


Mix the truffle mixture in a food processor. The mixture will be soft and sloppy, so i usually scrape it into a bowl and let it sit in the fridge for about 10 or 20 minutes to firm up. When the mixture is cold and firm, make small balls using your hands and roll them into the spicy chocolate powder. Keep the truffles in the fridge or freezer.

As these are quiet potent, i find that making the balls smaller is much better. I get about 5 – 8 small balls from this batch. Just double the quantity of the ingredients to make a larger batch, if you do make a larger batch sometimes it needs one more date for sweetness and a tad bit more water.

Nicely paired with a strong peppermint tea, strong black coffee or a chai tea.