Raw Zuchinni Spaghetti.

My first use of the vegetable spiraller thing. Man, this thing is just so cool. Last night i made zuchinni spaghetti with a pumpkin and olive tomato sauce. Delicious! It’s hard trying to be motivated to make raw meals during winter time because who wants to eat a cold dinner on a Winter’s evening? As a result this meal was half raw as i cooked the sauce. It was surprisingly filling.


Zuchinni Spaghetti wit Pumpkin and Olive Tomato Sauce.

2 Zuchinni’s

Half of one Onion, diced

1 clove of Garlic, diced

1 can of crushed organic Tomatos

2 – 3tbs of Tomato paste

Half a Butternut Pumpkin, cubed

1/2 a cup of pitted Kalamata Olives


2 – 3tbs of Olive Oil

Heat the saucepan on a medium high heat and then add the olive oil and the onions. Stir and cook for about 2-5 minutes until clear and then add the garlic. Stir around, add more oil if it starts to stick or turn the heat down if it browns too quickly. You do not want a burnt onion and garlic taste resonating in the sauce.

Now add the cubed butternut pumkin and stir around to coat in oil. Add the tomato paste, stir and then add the can of crushed tomatoes. Allow to reach bubbly boiling point, and then place the lid and turn the heat down to a medium low and allow to simmer (You could add about two or three tablespoons of water if it’s bubbling out of control, just to make sure it doesn’t turn into a burnt paste, just watch the heat and perhaps turn it down to low and let it cook for a little bit longer). Stir occasionally and allow the pumpkin to cook. Keep checking every now and then. After about 20 minutes, the pumpkin should be soft. Squish the pumpkin cubes down with a fork and stir around, it should be mushy and thick. Add salt to taste and perhaps a sprinkle of sugar if it’s too acidic.

Spiral the Zuchinni into spaghetti strips and place into two bowls. Top with generous scoops of sauce and place kalamata olives on top.


My boys had this with pasta based spaghetti and crumbled fetta cheese on top.