Japanese yum-yums.

If you like authentic Japanese food, this place in Terrigal sits in that description. The Sushi is made to order, fresh and delicious. The range of ‘izukaya’ styled food is great, which is like the type of stuff you would find at the equivalent of a Japanese pub. For meat eaters, they serve crispy chicken pieces, fish sticks, little floury deep fried balls filled with squid. I love their Udon soup and they do some really nice tempura versions in both vegetable and seafood.

This place is also a bonus if you enjoy good music, often they have The Beatles playing and lots of other reminiscent bands which makes it a nice place to watch the world go by.
On this particular day, i ate their vegetable gyoza (steamed and then fried dumplings), Udon soup and a dainty cup of green tea. This is my favourite meal on a cold or windy day, so comforting and delicious. If you’re more into the Sushi, they do fantastic rolls, nigiri and inari rolls.
Crave Sushi, at Terrigal.