Super Duper Green Smoothie.

I have been super busy over the last few weeks and lately i have found that finding the time to eat has been difficult. So i have been making super green smoothies in the morning for breakfast and enough to take away in my Vitamix bottle for lunch, along with some fresh pieces of fruit, organic corn chips or a home made vegan trail cookie.
This smoothie is one of my favourites and it is a bit of a hodge podge of things from my kitchen.


Super Green Smoothie.

2 drinking cups of filtered water, almond milk or rice milk (more or less depending on the texture you like)

2 scoops of vegan vanilla flavoured protein powder (I use the Sunwarrior brand)

2 handfuls of baby spinach

2 stalks of kale

1 frozen banana (i buy these in bulk, peel and freeze them to last me a week)

1/2 a punnet of strawberries

1/4 of paw paw

1 orange

1 tsp of maca powder

2 tbs of chia seeds (soaked in the filtered water for at least 5 minutes)

2 tbs of goji berries (soaked in the filtered water for at least 5 minutes)

*If i am feeling low on iron i will add a bunch of parsley to this mix
Use a high powered blender such as a Vitamix (if using a normal blender, you just might need to blend for a little bit longer). Add the fruits and water, blend until smooth. Add the leafy greens, blend until smooth. All up it should be no longer than 40 seconds, you don’t want the smoothie to heat up as this may affect the value of the nutrients. Then add the powders and pulse until it’s all mixed through.


This recipe makes a whopping amount and is intended for both breakfast and lunch.
Share it and drink it straight away!!! Otherwise, bottle it in a BPA free bottle and store in the fridge. Aim to drink it as soon as possible, within an hour or two. I make my smoothies fresh and drink it soon after making it, this way is better for you ‘nutrient’ wise, and i just think it’s a bit icky to make a smoothie and drink it hours after you made it…even if it has been stored in the fridge.


Most of the powder-superfood stuff can be purchased from Erina Organics. Some you can buy in bulk and others have a range of brands with varying prices.