Lazy Sunday Eggs and Hot Beans.

Every Sunday is Egg Day. I get to enjoy organic and free range eggs and i have been enjoying them fried and flipped in a spurt of olive oil with lots of greens like baby spinach on pumpkin seed bread, rice or cous cous and home made hot beans. Delicious with a serving of peppermint tea. In this meal, i mixed in some chickpeas with the cous cous for some extra protein as i had just come back from bootcamp and was starving.

Lazy Sunday Hot Beans.

-1 Can of Canellini beans, drained and rinsed thoroughly and then patted down with a paper towel.

-1 jar of Hot Sauce (this is why it’s lazy, i don’t make it from scratch i just use a jar of Hot Old El Paso Mexican Taco sauce)

Get a small pot or pan, add the beans and the sauce, just heat until it is hot. Do not bring to boil. Serve along side eggs, or in small ramekins with an egg cracked over the top and grill until the egg is cooked to you liking.