Smoothie with 80s glam.

Wow. This looks as impressive as it is tasty. One of my other big smoothie creations. I made enough for breakfast and lunch as i knew that it was going to be that type of day….where you don’t get the time to eat a meal.

I usually add the chia seeds last and pulse the blender. This time i thought i’d leave them in the cup and layer the smoothie over the top. Wha-laaaa!
Layered Banana, Strawberry and Chia Smoothie.

-2 frozen banana’s
-1 punnet of strawberries
-2 tbs of almond butter
-1 tbs of Loving Earth’s Raw and Organic Cacaco and Coconut butter
-1 tall glass of organic Almond Milk
-1 tsp Maca Powder (optional, it won’t make or break the smoothie)
-2 tbs of soaked chia seeds (soak in half a cup of filtered water for at least 3 minutes)
Put banana’s, strawberries, almond butter, cacao and coconut butter and almond milk in a high speed blender (i use a Vitamix) and blend on high until smooth. Add the maca powder and pulse to blend in.
Pour half of chia seeds into a tall glass and use a spoon to layer the smoothie over the top. If you are feeling rather smug at the results, top it off with a flared strawberry just for a bit of 80s cocktail glam.

Stir in the remaining chia seeds with the remaining smoothie and bottle it up to go. Keep it cold and i prefer to drink it within 2 hours of making it. However, drinking it straight away is best!