Local Aloha Kombucha.

This little cafe is hidden in the back streets of East Gosford. It’s very welcoming and the of smell grilled sandwiches, coffee and incense lures you from the car park.

I found out about this little cafe from my Yoga School and i am so glad to have had the chance to meet up with some special friends here over the weekend. I was very excited to see some raw, organic and local Kombucha for sale at the shop, locally made down at Wamberal. It was delicious. We sat in the cafe for ages talking and cooing over their gorgeous newborn girl and munched on Bruschetta and Mini Vegetable burgers with grilled Haloumi, my son enjoyed a perfectly sized mini hamburger. The buns were delicious. Local La Tartine bread!!! The cafe is also a florist and fresh food and vegetable supplier and supplier of specialty gourmet foods. Whilst it’s not a vegetarian place, it’s focus is on providing fresh, organic and local food. A perfect and unassuming place to hang out, eat and drink.

Ooomph Cafe @ East Gosford

Open Monday – Friday and Saturday.