Bring On The Juice.

A tall fresh vegetable juice is EXACTLY what my body needs after the past few shameless months of baking and indulging. Here i am, new joggers and a long walk ahead of me. Also just what i needed. This juice is from my fave cafe at Valla and i enjoyed this walk at my parent-in-laws place on the mid-north coast. Coming back from a 4 day holiday to the Gold Coast, jam packed with theme parks, lots of walking…and lots of eating. We stayed at a beautiful hotel at Surfer’s Paradise that also had gourmet buffet breakfast and the finest buffet dinner i have ever seen and although we’re limited to what we can eat a buffet because we don’t eat meat, we certainly made up for it by over indulging in the things that we could eat and even indulged in the seafood which left us feeling like we had swallowed bowling balls in the following hours. And in the days after, 4kg’s heavier!

Time to get back on the straight and narrow. Bring on the apple cider vinegar, chlorophyll, smoothies and juices and exercise!


Some happy snaps from our holiday to celebrate out little man turning 4 years old.

The fun filled pool grounds, with live fish in the huge and very deep salt water pool.


There was also  a whole other world of meats and cheese and desserts…..this was our stomping ground, where we indulged.