Double Trouble.

Double trouble. Double chocolate oatmeal cookies. Fast developing double chin. I am caught up right now, just as all new relationships have their initial stages, i’m certain my obsession with vegan baking with all of the excitement, energy and passion will plateau from baking every- day-first-thing-in-the-morning to once-a-month-if-your-lucky, and my neighbours will be saying, ‘remember when you used to give us baked goods on a twice weekly basis….’,but i can’t be certain. I have been baking at least every week for the past two months. And i have gained 3kg’s to prove it. This cookie was AMAZE-BALLS. So delicious, and perhaps i dare say…..a little bit kind of healthy and filling for you. My son enjoyed dipping this into a glass of rice milk. This recipe is from one of my top fave bloggers, Trans-Planted. The recipe is available at her blog.