The Good-but-Bad Cupcake.

I know that Oreo’s are not good for you. However, i did not know that they are vegan. This does not make them good for you. Honestly, i would rather eat one of my own fresh cookies than even contemplate an Oreo, or anything store bought. But….when i saw this recipe, i couldn’t resist…and now here i am, with Oreo’s in my pantry and a new obsession that is likening itself to my cookie baking adventure.
This cupcake was bad. So bad. Not a hint of nutritional goodness is derived in it. During my second consumption of one of these cupcakes (i had to try one fresh out of the oven and then one cooled with the icing and niceties, of course) a quote was swirling around in my head…’everything bad is good for you’. Therefore, i enjoyed every little morsel of this cupcake knowing that i was going to exercise self control…and exercise. All good so far. I have been enjoying the joys of baking and sharing the goods with neighbours, friends and family in a very un-golum-esque manner. I could easily just sit at my table like a greedy king and demolish all of these cupcakes. Self control, my dear.

The recipe is here and it is from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. I think my next adventure is with making my own Oreo’s.