Blueberry Delight.

I made a big batch of this smoothie, enough for breakfast and a take away lunch. It was sooooo yummy. When i arrived at the office, i went to my bag to retrieve my drink bottle and it wasn’t there. I took my car keys and checked the car, also not there. Where was it? I was so devon. When i arrived home, i saw my bottle, sitting on my kitchen bench. It was warm…i had to pour it down the sink 😦 It is such a waste when that happens, and i feel like a 5 year old again, forgetting to bring my lunch.
What was in this smoothie? A mixture of greens like baby spinach and kale. Half a punnet of berries and some soaked chia seeds, a teaspoon of maca powder and a scoop of chocolate flavoured protein powder (Sunwarrior Protein Powder – Raw and Vegan!). Topped with some fresh berries. I’m loving the protein powders. I try to include some of the protein powder in the smoothies i have after my weights workouts or in my afternoon smoothies which are usually almond butter, banana, raw cacao, ice and water. Mmmmmm.