Mini Cupcake Heaven.

This is what 248 mini cupcakes in seven variations: carrot, chocolate mint, coconut and lime, rosewater and pistachio, pumpkin spice, tiramisu and banana looks like. 12 hours of baking and frosting, devoured in less than 15 minutes. This was my first catering experience with Garden2Plate and i was in HEAVEN!!! Vegan baking, mini-cupcake heaven!!!! I couldn’t believe that i actually did it, plus that people were inhaling my mini cupcakes in record time. Not a spare one to be found. I felt like a bit of a creep sneaking a peek at the guests eating my cupcakes, but it just gave me the happiest feeling…in a weirdo kinda way.

I have to admit, making the mini cupcakes is very fidgety, but when they are assembled, they look gorgeous….plus you get the chance to sample lost of different flavours without filling up on just one cupcake!