Rolphy’s ButterFingers.

Yum!!! These turned out deliciously and they turn me into a greedy little pig. A healthy, vegan version of butter fingers. The name is dedicated to a dear friend who is known for his love of butter, and these go fantastically well with a beautiful strong coffee. They are so easy to make, and i tweaked the topping so that it’s more a vegan chocolate ganache, rather than melted dairy free chocolate. So the taste of these are amazing, deep, dark, sweet and salty….chewy and crunchy if you keep it in the freezer or kinda soft and chewy if you leave it at room temp. Please try these. They are AH-MAZZZZING!
I used organic corn flakes, black strap molasses, crunchy natural peanut butter, pink himalyan salt and dairy free chocolate. I am still drooooooooling at the memory of how mouth watering these babies turned out.

I love Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Blog and the recipe and many other clever recipes can be found here.