Spiced Peach Cupcake with Agave Buttercream.

So, i have been getting serious about making cupcakes and doing a lot of experimenting lately. Here is my spiced peach cupcake with an agave buttercream frosting. It was tasty and my mum and son both loved it. But i think i still have a bit of tweaking with the recipe. I want the base to be a bit fluffier…i might look at adding some soy milk or soy yoghurt next time around. I based my recipe on this recipe and i kinda changed a few things along the way, i didn’t write it down which is annoying. I guess i will have to make them again 😉
(When i make my cupcakes, i only ever use wholemeal pastry flour and raw sugar in the base. For the frosting i will use icing sugar, but i try to always use organic if possible).