Attention all Central Coast Vegan’s, straight-edge punkers and food lovers….

I have started a vegan baking thing, for real. There, i said it!

I have been a busy little chicken. Just finished my final year of University and my vegan baking adventure is moving at a fast pace!!! I have started supplying small amounts of cupcakes and cookies to Garden 2 Plate Cafe out at Hardy’s Bay, and this opportunity have really inspired me to give it a go. Like a real go at it. As in make a living from baking all day instead of teaching. Am i crazy? Perhaps. But baking is so much fun, it hardly feels like work. I have decided to give it a good go, while i have the passion and the energy. It’s a bit scary, but after the scary bit, usually good stuff happens….right?
Here is a pic of my food stall at Pretty Beach Seaside Markets, and i will be there again on the 16th of December from 10am – 4pm. I am hoping to have some vegan christmas cakes to sell as well as cookies and cupcakes. It did surprisingly well, selling almost 200 cupcakes, mini cupcakes and cookies, which blew me away.