Spiced Peach Cupcake with Agave Buttercream.

So, i have been getting serious about making cupcakes and doing a lot of experimenting lately. Here is my spiced peach cupcake with an agave buttercream frosting. It was tasty and my mum… Continue reading

Raw Bliss Balls.

So my neighbour made some amazing bliss balls with a hint of fresh and zesty orange in them and it inspired me to make a batch of bliss balls for our fridge. I… Continue reading

Fizzy Coleslaw Wrap.

  Yum! With the left over coleslaw from the Baja style tacos, i rolled it into a wrap with some tomatos, sliced red onion and vegan mayo….man this was delicious. I love the… Continue reading

Baja Style Tacos.

This dinner was one of my faves. Beer marinated tempeh and a fizzy coleslaw made using apple cider vinegar with a lime mayo. I used a recipe from my Veganomicon recipe book. If… Continue reading

Scrambled Tofu.

I adore scrambled tofu. I used to dislike tofu. I didn’t realise all of the things i was doing wrong…like not squeezing it out, not letting it marinate and not using lots of… Continue reading

Tina Turner Smoothie.

This smoothie was simply the best. I used sun-warrior protein powder (chocolate flavour) and blended up some kale, fresh strawberries with the tops still on, frozen banana’s, chia seeds, maca powder and filtered… Continue reading

Chocolate Quinoa Cake.

This had to be tried. Chocolate quinoa cake. Wow. Very rich and very chocolatey. It was nice, but also served as a good reminder as to why i don’t like my desserts with… Continue reading

Bring On The Juice.

A tall fresh vegetable juice is EXACTLY what my body needs after the past few shameless months of baking and indulging. Here i am, new joggers and a long walk ahead of me.… Continue reading

Double Trouble.

Double trouble. Double chocolate oatmeal cookies. Fast developing double chin. I am caught up right now, just as all new relationships have their initial stages, i’m certain my obsession with vegan baking with… Continue reading

Peanut Butter Cupcake Time.

Cupcakes. I am obsessed. Here i have mixed up some sample cupcakes. Of which are salted peanut butter cupcakes, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and a lemon and strawberry cupcake. They are delicious. I… Continue reading