Choc-vegan-zucchini cake.

Yee-haww. This cake made me smile…and it will probably make me fat if i continue to eat anymore of it today. In no way is this vegan chocolate zucchini cake going under the… Continue reading

The Good Heart Recipe Book.

  Love. Instant. I have found an awesome website and i am inlove. Jonsi and Alex’s Good Heart Recipe book is free and can be downloaded to your computer. Full of awesome recipes… Continue reading

Easy Green Lunch.

This took 10 minutes to make before i left for work. Easy and delicious. Cous cous and wilted kale in a savoury sauce with freshly diced tomatoes.   Warm Kale Salad Cook half… Continue reading


My Quorn obsession is still hanging around. I made a lasagne for my boys using the spag-bol recipe. I used more cheese than i usually would because this meal was for them to… Continue reading

The Winner is….

Kurapica! Your suggestion of working out more slowly and mindfully rather than trying to get it over and done with was a fabulous idea. I often find that i rush through training sessions… Continue reading

Smoothie with 80s glam.

Wow. This looks as impressive as it is tasty. One of my other big smoothie creations. I made enough for breakfast and lunch as i knew that it was going to be that… Continue reading

Gobble Gobble Garden.

-Me, standing in wonder at our new little piece of heaven. -View from the top of our back yard. -Pat proudly displaying his carrots. The extension to our home. A beautifully hand crafted… Continue reading

Haloumi with a Citrus Salad.

Haloumi is a rare treat. This haloumi is organic and i loved pairing it up with the sweet citrussy oranges, juicy grape tomatoes and plumped up cranberries. This is a very filling salad… Continue reading


I just love this cafe at Hardy’s Bay and i have posted about them before. This was simply yum. They serve the type of food i serve at home and they put so… Continue reading

Kale and Quorn in a Savoury Sauce.

Loving Quorn right now. I have to admit, it’s hard not to eat too much of the quorn range, as i prefer to eat mostly wholefoods that aren’t overly processed. At least one… Continue reading