Mango Salad.

Yum, the first fresh mango to be enjoyed in our household this year! I am loving the combination of mangoes and almonds right now. A sprinkle of pumkpin seeds and this sweet and… Continue reading

Loving Earth.

Here in Australia, we have an awesome brand Loving Earth which sells products that are raw and organic. I love the brand and their products so much. The jar in the middle is… Continue reading

Raw Banana Smoothie.

This smoothie satisfies any guilty craving. Sweet, thick, delicious. Raw Banana Smoothie. – 1 glass of filtered water (rice, almond or soy milk) -2 frozen banana’s -1 tablespoon of Loving Earth’s Organic Raw… Continue reading

Lazy Sunday Eggs and Hot Beans.

Every Sunday is Egg Day. I get to enjoy organic and free range eggs and i have been enjoying them fried and flipped in a spurt of olive oil with lots of greens… Continue reading

Fresh Fruit. Raw Nuts.

I can not think of a better way to celebrate Spring! My first seasonal fruit salad. I am just loving the combination of seeds and nuts with fresh fruit, particularly mango and almonds.… Continue reading

Vegetarian Spag-Bol.

I have just discovered Quorn products. I am still doing my research, and so far so good. It’s good to see that although they are not vegan approved products, they have started trying… Continue reading

Super Duper Green Smoothie.

I have been super busy over the last few weeks and lately i have found that finding the time to eat has been difficult. So i have been making super green smoothies in… Continue reading

Japanese yum-yums.

If you like authentic Japanese food, this place in Terrigal sits in that description. The Sushi is made to order, fresh and delicious. The range of ‘izukaya’ styled food is great, which is… Continue reading

Homemade Hummus.

Mmmmm. I love hummus. It is the best snack, dip, sandwich spread or spoonful of savoury goodness that i could ever enjoy!!! My recipe is a bit garlicky, but i like it like… Continue reading

Headland Cafe, Valla.

The mid-north coast was always a boring place in between Home and the Gold Coast. A long drive, which often left you void of healthy food options. Until recently, i have discovered a… Continue reading