Homemade Coconut Yoghurt and Muesli.

This tasted like an Anzac biscuit. Delicious. A very anticipated study snack as i try to get my head around my last semester of study. I am hooked to coconut yoghurt, dairy free,… Continue reading

Coconut Yoghurt.

Amazing. Sweet. Tart. Delish!!! This was my third and successful attempt at making coconut yoghurt at home. The first few attempts came out too runny and too grainy when i added blended coconut… Continue reading

My day would be incomplete without you.

Green smoothies. I am totally addicted. It can only describe why i was over the moon when My Love got me an awesome Vitamix for my birthday. After coming back from a women’s… Continue reading

Tea time.

I just love Planet Organics tea range. This cuppa was Spearmint, coupled with a chilli chocolate bliss ball from Avoca Markets.

Truly delicious cupcakes.

These are not raw or vegan, but they are organic and use locally sourced produce that is in season. My son and i enjoyed these cupcakes down at Garden2Plate, a refreshing cafe at… Continue reading

Midnight Snack.

Who knew there existed a guilt free midnight snack. A cup of Wintertime tea, a Halva Gem cake and a square of Loving Earth’s Raw mint chocolate. The Halva Gems i buy from… Continue reading

The Goody Good Stuff.

These treats are amazing. I have not enjoyed jellies like these ever since i had learned about gelatin. These are now available at Erina. Although they are still high in sugar, i have… Continue reading

Curried Coconut and Cauliflower Soup.

Who knew cauliflower could be so tasty without cheese!? This soup was surprisingly delicious, especially on a cold winter’s evening. It simply cauliflower and coconut milk, with some spices. We enjoy this with… Continue reading

Chocolate Chilli Bliss balls.

It’s all good, so i don’t mind if my son sneakily nibbles on a chocolate bliss ball before we share lunch.

Nacho’s and Gomo’s.

What does a person eat at their local markets? How about black bean nachos with guacamole and tahini, some vegetable steamed gomo’s and a cold pressed watermelon and mint juice. Yum. I just… Continue reading